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Client: ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4

Kool and the Gang

At the outset: A question that no one asked.

When it comes to PULS 4: a news app that fits the new, digital business strategy. When it comes to us: the answer to a question that no one has asked themselves. Why do people like to page through a free newspaper so much while on the move, even though they have a smart phone in their pocket? Because there isn’t any other product that is as simple and easily accessible and therefore easy to use.

As easy as Tinder but with more informational content

Mobile video is one of the most exciting and strongest growth sectors.

A good reason to place your bet on it. The “4News” app is based only on video, no long text and accounts, no irrelevant additional content, only smart and simple. As well as in its usage: Every video from various topics can be quickly selected by the user with a vertical or horizontal swipe. As easy as Tinder, Facebook and Co. and therefore, far more informative than a free newspaper. We apologize, by the way, for the falling matches and likes.

An answer that everyone had still waited for.

Instead of making Puls 4 for one station as well as a news-app, we will make Puls 4 for a unique player in the mobile sector: with the uniquely Austrian 4News App, with content on top current events, trends, gossip and much more.

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